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Anyone who enjoys wearing wigs will love the 2013 wig styles. 2013 will bring a few new hair color shades and styles, and if you choose a new wig from a reputable company you can be sure to experience continued quality, new innovations in design, and for synthetic wigs; textures that feel even more like their natural competitors. With 2012 coming to an end and 2013 on the horizon we can now look back at the most popular wig styles that were around this year, and some of the expected new styles to stick around throughout 2013.


Let's start with the wigs that were popular throughout 2012 and that continue to be hot ticket items. Short wigs for 2012 ranged from the feathered styles to smoother, straighter styles, both short and long. Additional wig styles that were popular were again smoother styles with a soft part, delivering a professional style that still managed to put off a sexy look that when worn with the right attire seemed to make sparks fly. While short and perky styles cut a bit short in the back and longer in the front remained a sought after choice, the popularity of long haired wigs seemed to spike, due in part to their flexibility when it came to styling, partially do to the fact that you could accent any long hair wig style with fun hair accessories.


Both natural and synthetic wigs received they share of attention in 2012, basically due to personal preference. Synthetic wigs always seem to retain their popularity for several reasons including the fact that high quality options are very natural looking. Synthetic options are also affordable so wig wearers can own a variety of styles without breaking the bank. Natural hair wigs on the other hand remain popular simply because they are "real hair" wigs and can be styled to a point by professional stylists. Either way, both real and synthetic wigs are both great choices depending on what you prefer.


Ethnic wigs were full, stunning and sharp looking as always. This year ethnic wigs designed by well known actresses were extremely popular including styles that were full and wavy as well as tighter, more contained looking, and fun, curly styles.



When we look back at 2012, there didn't seem to be a spotlight put on any particular style or design as long as the fit was comfortable and secure just about all the wig styles were very well received from short, straight and perky to long, dark and curly.


2013 is just around the corner and the trends are changing quite a bit. Many projections are saying that curly wigs are going to be even more popular in 2013 and not just in the ethnic category. The popularity of perky, short, curly hair styles seem to be on the rise when it comes to wigs styles, and even overtake the popularity of long, soft and straight styles. All the top styles haven't been revealed yet but they are certainly going to be seen soon and these trends will definitely guide the 2013 wig styles.


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