9 practical tips


1 tip

Do not perform this procedure at home.


2 tip

Choose a reliable beauty salon, professional and experienced specialist who uses high quality products and tools.


3 tip
You don’t want to have this procedure done if your hair is “tired”. After having your hair dyed, let them “rest” at least two days after the procedure.


4 tip
If you are planning to dye your hair not after, but before the procedure – your hair color will be brighter.


5 tip
Take a closer look at the consistency of the keratin mixture that will be put on your hair – it would be better if there would not have formaldehyde, or its quantity would not exceed 0.2% Products without formaldehyde are more expensive, yet safe.




6 tip
If you want to keep the straight hair effect longer – do not rinse your hair too often.


7 tip
If you want to recover the natural form of your hair, do the opposite – rinse your hair often.


8 tip
Take care of your hair after the procedure; follow the guidelines and tips of the specialist.


9 tip
If you want to maintain the straight hair effect – repeat the procedure every three months.


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