Top tips about wigs' size, cap and hair

1.      SIZE OF A WIG

Whether a wig will be worn for fashion, or even for medical reasons, the person will want to get the shape of their head properly measured. This step can also help to ensure a more comfortable fit shaped uniquely for the persons own specific head size.  If there is natural hair left on the scalp then the person may want to wear a under cap before putting the hair piece on.

A wig should suit a shape of a head and hairline (forehead, ears, temples) and it should mould to the head perfectly. You should feel yourself comfortably with the wig. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. There shouldn’t be seen your natural hair beneath the wig.

Try a wig before buying and also look for its size on a product description. Ask a seller of the wig if it can be regulated and in what way it could be done.


2.      WIG’s CAP

Base of a wig (a wig’s cap) should be comfortable, ideally fitting your head, invisible, permeable to air (that lets the skin of a head to breathe).

Examine what kind of wig’s cap is – one-piece or made of strips. The latter will let the head’s skin to breathe.

Wig’s cap could be lace front or lace front and back or full lace or monofilament.

Ask a seller of wig how the wig is fixed to a head – simply put on a head or should be sticked with special glue.


3.      WIG‘s HAIR

Human hair wigs

The human hair versions may call for special care but they allow you to come up with your own styles, just as you would with your own hair. Real hair lasts for several years. These wigs are expensive.

Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic wigs are easier to take care of and come pre-styled; not a bad thing unless versatility is important to you. Synthetic hair lasts shorter than real hair. These wigs are relatively cheaper than human hair wigs.
Mixed hair wigs

These wigs look quite natural, are easily cared of, have steady hairstyles, are medium priced.

When buying a wig, check if its hair is arranged in stages (not in rows) and hides wig’s cap. There should be a special lining that imitates head’s skin at hair parting. Hairline should be invisible.
Verify hair tightness (attachment to wig’s cap). Pull a few hairs in different places. Hair should not fall in wisps, it should not tangle. Hair should be thick but not too lush unless it looks very unnatural.



A wig can be made by machines, by handwork or both. The highest quality and price have 100% handmade wigs.

In conclusion, when you wear a wig, it should give positive feelings, high spirits, self-confidence.

There are also wigs for men, not only for women, in wigs stores. They can choose an appropriate wig that will not limit their hobbies, possibilities to exercise, travel and etc.

If you already have bought a wig and are dissatisfied with its quality, you have a right to return it or use a producer‘s guarantee.



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