TOP15 types of flat irons


Let‘s have a closer look at the most popular types of hair straightening tongs (flat irons):


1. CERAMIC HAIR STRAIGHTENERS – ceramic heating plates are durable and slide smoothly along hair surface without causing tangles (hot spots). They maintain even heat distribution and high temperatures although protect hair against burning. Solid (100%) ceramic plates are more expensive than ceramic-coated plates, but they cause less damage to hair. These flat irons also reduce static and are suitable for most hair types.


2. TOURMALINE FLAT IRON. Tourmaline is a mineral that emits natural negative ions and far infrared rays. Tourmaline crystals (or powder) are infused in ceramic or titanium plates. Such flat iron is perfect for coarse hair because they reduce frizz as you straighten your hair, resulting in ultra silky, soft, shiny and smooth hair. Tourmaline helps to prevent hair from damage that causes high temperatures (heat) by sealing more moisture into the hair.


3. TITANIUM FLAT IRONS their heating plates are coated with titanium (type of metal). It has very smooth and hard surface, distribute heat quickly and even, can maintain high temperatures and boast consistent heat. Furthermore, it emits more negative ions and far infrared rays. Titanium (and Nano Titanium) straighteners are very durable, corrosion and rust resistant. They are perfect for coarse and thick hair. Straightening process is less damaging (no hair pulling, moisture preservation) and more effective.


4. STRAIGHTENER WITH FLOATING PLATEShelps to protect hair against breakage and damage. Floating plates adjust to each strand of your hair and lessen the risk to overheat or pull (tug) hair. Straightening process is easier and more pleasant. Furthermore it is easier to wave or curl hair with floating plates.


5.  FLAT IRON WITH FAR-INFRARED HEAT far infrared rays penetrate deep into hair cuticle and fasten straightening process. Infrared heat improves circulation in the head skin (stimulate hair growth), protects hair against heat damage and drying as more moisture remains in the hair.


6. IONIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER - generates negative ions to enhance hair vitality, adds volume and shine, eliminates frizz and gives hair a glossy texture. Furthermore, it protects the hair against static electricity and helps it to remain smooth longer. Negative ion technology is healthy for hair as negative ions close hair cuticles and prevent hair and head scalp from bacteria.

7. STEAM INFUSION/VAPOUR FLAT IRONsteamliner or steam-producing straightener conditions hair with moisture, so hair is less likely to dry out. Some irons have reservoirs (cartridge) for oils (Argan, etc.) to provide healing treatment for hair as well as straightening.


8. KERATIN THERAPY FLAT IRONSrecommended for Brazilian Keratin straightening procedures. Heating plates are infused with keratin protein and provide vitamins to hair while straightening. A flat iron heats up to 450F. It is a therapeutic device for hair health, the ultimate hair protection against damage.


9. WET-TO-DRY STRAIGHTENERS wet-to-straight irons allow to dry and straighten hair at the same time, eliminating blow drying. Hair styling process becomes faster. This straightener can be used on damp (not soaking wet) or dry hair.


10. MINI/TRAVEL FLAT IRON – portable, cordless straightener, mini sized, with a rechargeable battery or detachable cord, lightweight. It is very comfortable and great for traveling, short hair, touch-ups, fringes, men hair straightening. It fits in any purse or bag.


11. VIBRATING FLAT IRONvibrastrait (vibration) hair straightener (with pulsating plates) ensure more even hair distribution in-between, so that each & every hair is straightened.


12. NANO SILVER FLAT IRONceramic heating plates with silver microparticles. More negative ions are emitted, hair is protected, sanitized (silver eliminates bacteria) and protected.


13. NANO DIAMOND STYLING IRONceramic straightener with diamond additives for smoother surface and easier glide during straightening. Maintains highest temperatures.



14. FLAT IRON WITH COMBallows to hold hair while straightening, especially textured hair. Some models with rotating barrel to add volume for hair or integrated heating teeth that comb and pre-straighten hair, they add vertical straightening action to the plates.

15. SMART HAIR STRAIGHTENERSinnovative advanced flat irons (iTech) with smart heat control, touch LED screens, hair type diagnostic for optimal heat temperature, for various hair styles, highly functional, with the latest technologies available.


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