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Straightening with a hair dryer is a popular and easy way to straighten your hair at home. The effect won’t be long-term (it lasts until the first contact with water), and the method is suitable only for lightly curly hair, although a hair dryer causes less damage than a straightening iron. Nonetheless, a hair dryer dries out hair, the ends start splitting and the hair loses its natural gloss. Thus, after blow drying your hair, you need to take additional care and allow it to regenerate.


For straightening hair with a hair dryer, you’ll need a hair dryer with a round brush, products for straightening hair and protecting it from high temperatures as well as something to keep the hair in place (hairspray, gel or mousse). All of these products can be purchased at a specialized store.




Step 1: Rinse your hair (it might be good to use a straightening shampoo) and dry hair with a towel so the hair is damp, not soaked.


Step 2: Carefully brush your hair with the comb.


Step 3: Use a hair protector from the heat to prevent damage to your hair and also the hair balm that enhances the straightening effect.


Step 4: Blow dry your damp hair, one lock of the hair at a time (a lock of the hair is no more than 5 cm in width and 2 cm thick). You have to twist them around the comb and drag them down, firstly with the hot air flow and later, straighthen it with the cold air flow. Repeat the process for each lock of hair 2-3 times. It is possible to straighten the hair with only the cold air flow; it would feel be more gentle on the hair and dry it out less.


Step 5:  Fix your hairdo with hairspray, hair mousse or hair gel.



1. Don’t skimp on your blow dryer. Buy a high-quality, well-known brand with a warranty. 

2. Pay attention to whether it has a cold air flow with ionizers. Such fans cause less damage to the hair. 

3. The comb should be made from natural material and be circular, with large tunnels. 

4. The longer the hair, the bigger the diameter of the comb should be. 

5. Cold air flow is good for thin and weak hair.

6. Don‘t use the dryer daily, as it dries hair out and accelerates hair fragility. It is recommended to straighten your hair no more than once every 7-10 days.

7. It is better to straighten your hair at home than in the hair salon, as the process is more natural, and you use less hair-damaging chemical products. 


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