Keratin straightening +/-





  • Effective – ideally straightens your hair.
  • Hair looks healthier, glossier and smoother.
  • Long-term results (2-5 months).

  • The result after straightening – hair stays resistant to dampness and warmth (you can wash your hair and be in the sun).
  • Hair straightened with keratin can be dyed, curled and shaped.
  • Shaping hair into a hairdo is easier and takes less time.
  • Hair gradually regains its natural shape, and you don’t have to wait till it grows back.
  • Hair is not only straightened, but treated (damaged hair), regenerated, protected from the surrounding negative effects (ultraviolet rays, heat, and dampness) as well. Furthermore, hair becomes smoother, silkier and more obedient.
  • You can repeat the procedure every 3 months without any restrictions.
  • The repetition of the procedure will strengthen the effect that the straightening provides because keratin tends to accumulate in the hair and hair might even become thicker.





  • Quite an expensive procedure.
  • After straightening hair with keratin, it is necessary to apply a non-sulphuric acid treatment.

  • The effect that the straightening provides gradually disappears. The more you wash your hair, the faster it disperses.
  • Some hair (very thin and weak) could not be able to resist the high temperature.
  • Bleached hair could become darker.
  • A sensation that the hair and the scalp aren’t as clean as they used to be might appear.
  • The keratin mixture might include formaldehyde, which is dangerous for your health, as it is a carcinogen. It gets into the organism and can cause cancer.
  • Furthermore, the keratin mixture might include formic acid aldehyde, which could lead to allergic reactions, throat pain, nose bleeds and migraines.
  • After consecutive straightening procedures, the result might be disappointing, as the hair might look even worse than it did before.
  • It is a fairly new method, of which not all the negative aspects are known. Thus, you shouldn’t overindulge in the procedure.


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