9 steps procedure



1 step

Visual examination and evaluation of the hair.


2 step
Individual selection of chemical mixture.

3 step
Testing the product on a hair strand.


4 step
Putting protecting cream on the scalp.


5 step
Applying product to the hair.


6 step
Washing hair with warm water.


7 step
Applying neutralizer that helps to restore hair’s pH level and stop the action of chemical mixture straightener.


8 step

Treating hair with a special conditioner that fills in the damaged parts of the hair.


9 step
Selecting regenerating hair products and hair care tips.



This procedure takes from 2 to 5 hours.


The procedure (straightening the roots) can be repeated after 6-9 months.


Do not try permanent straightening yourself at home. It must be done with the help of a hair expert who can examine and evaluate your hair and then select a product that will have the least negative effect. The procedure must be performed under strict safety requirements. If you choose to do it yourself, you risk severely damaging your hair or even losing it.


After the permanent straightening, it is recommended not to use a blow dryer and to instead let your hair dry naturally.


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